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At Martin Group, we believe in hiring for attitude and training for skill. Whether you are naturally mechanically inclined or have years of technician experience, our Service team is the right fit for you if you are committed to excellence, demonstrate integrity, and believe in the value of strong work ethic. Martin Group is a top choice to build a thriving mechanic career, as we’ll support certifications, offer diversity in products, and provide opportunities to grow within the organization.

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Freedom and confidence to grow


Recognition of your contributions

group of people

A culture where teamwork is fostered

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Vibrant, fast-paced working environment


Opportunity to serve customers who rely on your expertise

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Lucas' picture
I enjoy working for Co-Mar Aviation because it provides me the ability to interact with corporate pilots and the General Aviation community. I have always enjoyed traveling, and aviation has made footprints throughout my whole life. I have built relationships with both transient and corporate pilots, as well as those who have navigated through the flight schools over the years. I am thankful for the Martin Group’s support of Co-Mar Aviation, and look forward to serving their customers on into the future. — Lucas Hughes, Comar Aviation

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